The Magical Mysteries of Math and Music


The Minnesota Sinfonia is delighted to offer one of our Music in the Schools programs, The Magical Mysteries of Math and Music, in a special all-video format to the students and children of the state of Minnesota. The curriculum includes:

  • Curriculum packet (download below) which includes descriptions of the music, composers, and backgrounds
  • State-mandated benchmarks and activities for grade levels K-6
  • Videos of the Minnesota Sinfonia performing the entire program



Curriculum Guide: The Magical Mysteries of Math and Music

Math Exercises

The Ants Go Marching One By One – Vocal

The Ants Go Marching One By One – Piano and Vocal

Dividing an Apple into Quarters



In this video, the Minnesota Sinfonia introduces musical rhythm with the help of a large apple.


The Minnesota Sinfonia plays excerpts from Franz Joseph Haydn’s Surprise Symphony to demonstrate quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes and triplets.


The March of the Toreadors, from Georges Bizet’s opera Carmen, helps the Minnesota Sinfonia introduce the organization of music, starting with two beats in each measure.


The Minnesota Sinfonia continues its demonstration of musical organization with Edmund Dede’s Chicago and Edward Elgar’s Nimrod, music with three beats in each measure.


With his Symphony No. 40, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart helps the Minnesota Sinfonia demonstrate music with four beats in each measure.


Learn about musical phrasing while listening to the Minnesota Sinfonia perform the Intermezzo by Manuel Ponce.


Sing along while the Minnesota Sinfonia plays The Ants Go Marching One by One!


Enjoy a performance of Ginger Commodore performing Paul Schulz’s As I Was Goin’ to St. Ives.


Listen to Ginger Commodore tell the story of the Bears!! by Bernard and Jay Fishman, accompanied by the Minnesota Sinfonia!


March on back to your day as the Minnesota Sinfonia concludes its Magical Mysteries of Math and Music program with Amanda Aldridge’s Lazy Dance.


Watch all ten videos, one after the other, with this play list!

Students and teachers – check out these short instructional videos!

The Minnesota Sinfonia is pleased to offer a series of videos focusing on each instrument of the orchestra. These instructional videos are like having private lessons with every musician of the Minnesota Sinfonia. Access the first group of videos here.



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