Animals – Our Most Fascinating Neighbors


For the 2019-2020 school year, the focus is on animals.

Animals in Music

Animals: Our Most Fascinating Neighbors focuses on science and related literature, how people interact with animals, and how musicians have used them as an inspiration. The complete MIS curriculum includes

  • Curriculum packet (download below) of State-mandated benchmarks and activities for science and language arts for each grade level K-6 is supported by our materials.
  • Master listening CD including music the Sinfonia will perform and recordings of songs the students can learn to sing with the orchestra on concert day. Classrooms are encouraged to play the song everyday leading up to the Sinfonia Day performance.
  • Choral sheet music for student choirs (download below). Old McDonald Had a Farm and the Somali song, The Butterfly are songs that your school choir will perform on concert day with the orchestra. For schools without choirs, the children from one or two grades can serve as the choir. If you cannot play the accompaniments on a piano, then please use the computer-generated accompaniments at the end of the CD when teaching children the music.
  • School orchestra sheet music (download below).


PLEASE help the Sinfonia continue to secure funding for the MIS program, which is provided FREE OF CHARGE to the schools and students by completing the survey after the “Sinfonia Day,” concert at your school. It only takes a few moments to answer a quick SURVEY with 10 easy questions about your students’ MIS experience. Your input is important! THANK YOU!


Click on the links below, then click on the image to download.

TEACHERS curriculum packet:

Curriculum Guide: Animals, Our Most Fascinating Neighbors


Music Suggests An Animal Lesson Plan

Upper Grades Lesson Plan

Compare and Contrast Lesson Plan

Compare and Contrast Chart

Animals Composers Listening Selections


Somali “Butterfly Song:” Voice & Piano Score

Somali “Butterfly Song:” English Lyrics

“Old McDonald” – Single Voice

“Old McDonald” – Two Voices


“March of the Cats & Dogs” – FULL SCORE

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Violin Student

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Violin Elementary

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Violin 1

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Violin 2

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Bass

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Cello

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Cello Elementary

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Viola

“March of the Cats & Dogs” – Viola Elementary