What Teachers Say about Music in the Schools

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The concert was a huge hit. Teacher asked, “What was your favorite part of the concert?” First Grader Antonio replied, “The whole thing was my favorite!” and a friend said “Yay, me too” as they walked out of the concert

It has been a great honor to have Mr. Fishman and the Minnesota Sinfonia perform with the orchestra students.

Thank you very much for providing Cityview with the opportunity to have the Sinfonia visit our school today, for our students to meet the musicians, and for the beautiful performances!

It was a great time, opportunity, and experience for everyone!

Absolutely wonderful!

Thank you for giving us a gift of a lifetime. Many tears of joy and pride were shed watching Jonah sing. Thank you, also, for giving him the opportunity to be proud of himself.

   Comment from the mother of special needs student