Dear Friends and Supporters,
Our greetings and hopes that this note finds you all healthy and safe! It has been nearly a year since our last public performance, and as you can imagine, we are very anxious to resume playing for you, our audience, and for students in the schools. Although we are already planning for our return to the live concerts, we recognize that it will be governed entirely by the course of the virus and its ramifications in the community. To help us perform for you as soon as it is safe, everyone please follow the CDC guidelines – wear masks, social distance, and when your chance arrives, get the vaccine. Jay just got his first dose and is thrilled almost beyond words.
In the interim, our musicians are creating 45 “teaching” videos specifically for students, and over the next couple of months recording additional chamber music for the public that we look forward to sharing with you soon. The teaching videos are short 5-10 minute lessons on specific topics including the basics of how to care for the instruments, phrasing, rhythm, use of the metronome and for strings players how to use the bow, shifting and holding the instruments, and for wind players embouchure, fingerings, etc. Of course, all of the videos are being made in safe surroundings.

And watch for updates on our website and email blasts for future performances. Although we are still a way’s off from live performances, we are very optimistic that the time will come.
We do want to thank you for your continued financial support and ask that you continue to do so. It allows us to create videos, and plan for the future. Jay is very busy researching, editing and even composing new music and is already planning for programs and contacting soloists for the upcoming season. Patience is the optimum for now.
Until we are able to join in person, we wish you good health and our best regards.

Jay and Tina



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