Ingrid Koller is a freelance violist, violin and viola instructor, and composer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  She has played in numerous ensembles and orchestras and has been a member of the Lake String Quartet for over 28 years.  Nationally recognized artists for whom Ingrid has played include Roy Clark, Michael Card, and Fernando Ortega.

Ingrid is a founder and co-director of the Early Bird String Academy, a before-school orchestra program in North Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Inspired by her students, she writes engaging and imaginative pieces for string orchestra and small ensembles.  Ingrid studied with John Tartaglia at the University of Minnesota where she obtained a Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance.  As part of her degree, she studied composition with Alex Lubet and music theory with David Damschroder.  Ingrid is a member of the Viola Society of America, American String Teacher’s Association, and the American Composer’s Forum.


Notes From the Composer

Without the challenge of writing for the MN Sinfonia, A Simple Melody might still exist in an even simpler form, as a piece for string orchestra. This piece had a humble beginning and was born from an urge to create something that was unlike other pieces I had written. Most of the pieces I write for orchestra are conceptual first. I start with an over-arching idea or a vision and the subsequent content and the framework of the piece are built on and around this idea. With A Simple Melody, the melody itself was the driving force behind the music and there really wasn’t a concept—the piece wasn’t really about anything, but was simply a melody that stood by itself. When I took on the challenge of writing for the MN Sinfonia, I knew I wanted to use its fine wind players as well as its wonderful string sections. The introduction of winds added such depth to the piece. The shimmer of the flutes, the clear, penetrating sounds of the oboe, the warmth of the clarinet and bassoon, and the beautiful sound of the horn all added so much richness and texture to the sound. It felt like I was working on a painting and then discovered a whole new palette of colors with which to work. I am very grateful to Jay Fishman, the MN Sinfonia, and the McKnight Foundation for providing this opportunity. — Ingrid Koller

A Simple Melody premieres with the Minnesota Sinfonia

JANUARY 12 | Saturday, 7:30 PM

616 Mississippi River Blvd, St Paul, MN 55116

JANUARY 13 | Sunday, 3:00 PM

2323 Freemont Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55405
Arrive early to park in lot, plus street parking available