Introducing the Orchestra


The 2018-2019 MIS program featured “the science of the sound behind the orchestra” and students discovered how musicians create the sounds they do with the instruments they play.

Introducing the Orchestra relates our music to the core subject of science and relevant state standards including:

    • Specific state academic science standards for grades K-8 and activities that relate the music the Sinfonia played on concert day to stories students read and studied as part of their classroom literature assignments;
    • Master listening CD of music performed by the Sinfonia and recordings of songs students will sing with the orchestra on concert day;
    • Sheet music for student choirs to sing.

TEACHERS: Download curriculum packet and coloring pages

Instruments Of The Orchestra K-6 Lesson Plan

MN Sinfonia Introducing the Orchestra 2018-19 Teacher Packet

MN Sinfonia Instrument Coloring Book

CHOIR TEACHERS: Download sheet music

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