Water-One of Our Most Precious Resources (Teacher Resources)

Water-One of Our Most Precious Resources

The Sinfonia is very excited to present this year’s Music in the Schools program, Water, One of Our Most Precious Resources.  This program focuses on science, and how we as musicians use water as a theme for some of the music we perform.

What to expect on concert day

On concert day, the entire Minnesota Sinfonia orchestra will visit your school. First, each classroom will host a visit from a Sinfonia musician. After these “get-to-know-you” sessions, students will head to the gymnasium for an interactive concert, starring your school’s own choir. More specific information about the concert day can be found in the curriculum.

Listening CDs

One of the goals of Music in the Schools is for students to hear classical music every day. The Sinfonia will provide each school with a master listening CD, and copies should be made and distributed to all teachers. Use this CD in your classroom daily–in the morning as students arrive, during quiet time, or other times throughout the day. The CD contains the music to be played by the Sinfonia on concert day. Because of time constraints, the orchestra will play limited/edited excerpts–not entire works– on concert day, so students should be familiar with the music ahead of time.

Classroom Activities

Download these activities for grades K-8.

Complete Curriculum

Download the complete curriculum. This packet includes the introduction, classroom activities, and music information.

Curriculum Guides

The music guide covers specific songs that will be heard on concert day. The guide includes information on composers, history and information about the music.

Music for Strings

Summer Day – Full Score

Vln I A

Vln II A

Vln B

Sin vln I

Sin vln II

Vla A

Vla B

Sin vla

Cello A

Cello B

Sin cello


Music for Choirs

Down by the River Side – Voice Parts Only

Down by the Riverside – 2 Part with Piano


It’s Raining – 1 Part

It’s Raining – 2 Part

It’s Raining – Voice Parts Only


The Sinfonia welcomes new ideas, so please send us any materials or ideas you think we could include next time we use this curriculum. If you have questions about the lessons or the music, please contact conductor Jay Fishman at (612) 871-1701 or jay@mnsinfonia.org.


Teachers, after your school’s Sinfonia Day, please take our online survey.  Your input helps us improve the program each year.